About Remalux

Remalux B.V. is an international well-known trading company based in the Netherlands.

Since its establishment in 1984 Remalux B.V. focused on wholesale, import and export (all over the world) of a wide range of non-food consumer goods.

Our registered brands like Leonardo, Active Sport, Deluxa, Löwenthal, Henkelbach Zurich, Reinhard, Laura Luccini and Hannibal are very well known in Europe.

Further we are trading with general Merchandise without specific brand name as well as all kind of products under private Label.

In collaboration with our own office in China we have the best opportunities to deliver all kind of products, custom made, according to your wishes, your own design and desire.

At the moment we have in our assortment approximate 1500 different articles in the following categories:

Travel items:
Trolley sets, suitcases, backpacks, shopping bags and trolleys, Laptop bags, Cosmetic bags, Sports bags, foldable bags, light bag, various bags, umbrellas, Travel accessories.

Household items:
Cooking ware sets, cutlery, crockery, household equipment, storage articles, synthetic articles, cleaning articles.

Electrical/Electronic items:
Household appliance, radios, heaters, socket-outlets, loudspeakers, headphones, mobil
Phone accessories, Tablet and computer accessories.

Personal care items:
Manicure sets, toothbrushes, shavers, creams, Massage appliance, fitness accessories

Display items:
Nail cutters, lighters, kitchen aprons, kitchen utensils, pocket umbrellas.

Bathroom items:
Toilet covers, shower curtains, scales, laundry bags.

Hand tools, storage articles, tool accessories

Decoration items:
Lighting, clocks, photo frames

Premium, as seen on TV items, gadgets

Our warehouse capacity guarantees availability of 95% of the most current articles.

Furthermore, we offer personalized activities regarding packing, description, manual
and design according to your specific requirements.

As an import and export company, we achieve with our products a wide range of clients
such as wholesalers, retailers, mail order companies, department stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, discount stores, chains and online sale companies.

Through our experience, we are aware of the needs and the demand of our customers and therefore we provide an up-to-date range. Experience it yourself.