Since 1984, we have gained extensive knowledge on the international consumer goods market. During this period, we have earned our spurs through the entire process from trend spotting to delivery on demand. This means we have strong relationships with suppliers in the Far East, and we can offer competitive prices.
Our specialty has long been non-food advertising, market and luxury items. Over the years, we have greatly expanded the product range, and our customer base has been supplemented by many international wholesalers and retailers. Our main product categories are electronics, household, lighting and travel items.
In order to be able to maintain and improve our flexibility over the years, we have increased our warehouse capacity from around 100m2 in 1984 to 15,000m2 in 2018. Sales and Logistics to our customers, nationally and internationally, are handled centrally from this location.
We have always remained true to our credo "keep it simple", which at Remalux stands for: Complete range, Good availability, Competitive pricing, Fast delivery. Customer service and of course excellent service!